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Orcland Supreme Bee
In Memoriam: Orcland Supreme Bee
(Orcland Supreme x Heather Honey)

Orcland Supreme Bee was bred by Wallace Lyman III & Ruth Orcutt of the historic Orcland Farms in West Newbury, Massachusetts. Orcland Supreme Bee

She had eight different owners over her lifetime, which included:

  • 6-17-1980 to 4-9-1983  Ruth & Wallace L Orcutt III, West Newbury, MA
  • 4-10-1983 to 12-11-1984  Patrice D Bain, West Newbury, MA
  • 12-12-1984 to 3-24-1986  Meeting House Meadows Morgan Farm, E. Falmouth, MA
  • 3-25-1986 to 8-15-1990  Frances & Larry Schmidt, Lafayette, IN
  • 8-16-1990 to 8-31-1993  Ben & Susan G Nelson, Goshen, IN
  • 9-1-1993 to 7-7-1994  Barbara Rudicel, Muncie, IN
  • 7-8-1994 to 11-15-1999  Medawmin Stable, Muncie, IN
  • 11-16-1999 to 12-4-2001  Barbara Rudicel, Muncie, IN
  • 12-5-2001 to 7-4-2009  Kelly Reed Lindley, Indianapolis, IN

Bee came into Kelly Lindley's life sometime around late 1989 to early 1990. Barb located her with the intent for Kelly to lease Bee to show. Kelly rode and drove Bee, and took her to the Indiana Morgan Classic Horse Show and the Mid-America Charity Classic (a.k.a. Muncie Light Horse Club Show) in 1990. She showed her in the first Classic Pleasure class offered at the Indiana show (the first year it was offered at the Grand National) and they won the class. Kelly also showed her in English Pleasure Ladies and pleasure driving. For additional fun, they trail rode around the barn neighborhood and at Mounds Park in Anderson, IN.Orcland Supreme Bee

Bee was soon bought by Dr. Nelson’s family in 1990. They bred her to Raintree Revelation that same year. She ultimately had two colts by Rev and returned to Raintree to have her second foal. Both colts had both their parents’ friendly dispositions.Orcland Supreme Bee and Scott Rudicel

After the second colt was weaned in 1993, Kelly showed her in hand and under saddle at the Fall ISHA show in New Castle, IN. She continued to trail ride her too. Soon after Kelly started working full time at Raintree, Bee became a lesson horse. She was eventually bought by Barb’s next door neighbors, Medawmin Stables. They built a new barn with a riding arena and had started up a lesson program. Bee was the horse that all the kids (and adults) rode who had never ridden before. She was the safe, reliable one…who at times had to be encouraged to move forward.

Orcland Supreme Bee and Austin RudicelMany people learned to ride on Bee, she was the first one to be brought out whenever there were small hands that needed a busy job. She was unflappable and knew her job well! It was not a surprise that Bee and Rev both crossed over the Rainbow Bridge close together, as they were lifelong friends for most of their time on earth and it eases the pain of losing them to thing they are together forever.


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